Dilapidated house dream

This dream was quite long and involves lots of details. In essence though it can be reduced to one line "I am having trouble expressing my personality in a place which is so hostile." This was a theme which was very relevant to the dreamer who had just started a new university course and felt people had very negative views towards her religious beliefs.

THE DREAM It seemed I owned a house that was needing a considerable amount of work. It was decidedly grey and dark. I heard myself say, "it seems like it would be a good idea to have someone live here who could fix it up".

I vaguely remember there was some type of performance going on there and I looked up and there was some repaired damage on the ceiling.

The most vivid, and last thing (and most puzzling thing) I remember is that there was a weird hump in the living room floor. I was trying to figure out what caused it and if I should be worried.

At first, I thought it had happened when some dirt had been displaced while making some sort of road/driveway (it was on some large piece of property in the boonies).

I was talking to someone about it, asking them what they thought it might be. I kept saying, "it looks like it's going to erupt."

Not long after this, the entire place was bright yellow and filled with a party (everything and everyone was yellow). Too weird...

BACKGROUND INFORMATION The previous night someone took me to my first ballet. The clincher is that it was at the University I just started attending, which is causing me some stress on many levels (my workload, but also a decidedly leftist political and anti-religious bent). My life's pretty hectic.

The ceiling in this theatre did have some water damage that I was surprised to notice, since it was actually a very nice venue.

I've also been feeling a little frustrated at my lack of time for spiritual matters (time alone with God). The party seemed like it had some sort of worshipful/party atmosphere.

Posted at Dreamsymbolism.info October 14, 2012, 11:07 by lilolehs (Viewed times)

Unclesirbobby (POSTED October 14, 2012, 15: 7: 05)
Hi Lilolehs

Thanks for the post. Many dreams are about our emotions and thoughts. I would say that the background information that you posted has really illuminated the dream.

The roof leaking is a good association. That definitely links this dream to the ballet lesson and to university.

The feeling of spirituality is also important in the party.

I think the dream links all the issues and so is about you trying to express your own personality and beliefs in a place which is largely hostile.

Cold and grey settings are symbolic of lack of progress - lack of connection. Inability to get along with others.... feeling out of place. In this case the cold sand grey is symbolic of the setting at university where you feel out of place... its unwelcoming (COLD). It does not accept your religious and political beliefs.

The party at the end is symbolic of your wish to express your religious beliefs in a setting that is welcoming.

The place needs fixing up because you are not convinced that this university is a good place for you to express your own personality and religious and political beliefs... its going to take a lot of work for you to find a way to express those political and religious thoughts

Lilolehs (POSTED October 15, 2012, 10: 1: 32)
That is it, exactly! Perhaps next

semester will be better...

Lilolehs (POSTED October 15, 2012, 10: 1: 44)
... and actually, I had just been thinking

I was afraid I was going to "erupt" in one

of my classes, where the professor seems

especially hostile or misinformed in terms

of my belief system


Unclesirbobby (POSTED October 16, 2012, 01: 2: 46)
I missed that bit about the "eruption". I sometimes read too quickly. Actually quotes in dreams are crammed with meaning. The quote will capture that exact feeling ... it may seem a little out of context but the quote exactly captures your key emotion

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