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Bitten by a snake dream

This dreamer believed the snake in her dream was a symbol of her boyfriend and the argument they had the previous day.

THE DREAM - I am wandering in a garden with my sister, and suddenly I saw a snake around a tree. Then again another one. Then my brother entered the garden he picked up a snake and took it in the room. When I entered the room my brother started to frighten me. I shouted at him and asked for help from my father. My father entered the room. The snake slipped from my brothers hand and it bites me. My father took the snake and throws it outside. I was crying and saying that now I'm gonna die very soon.

THE REALITY The previous day the dreamer had an argument with her boyfriend. She wanted to break off with him but he will not take no for an answer. She was getting confused about what to do.

THE INTERPRETATION Arguments with a boyfriend will always cause dreams. If you have one just assume that any dream the next night is about the relationship. It will capture a key feeling or emotion.

In this case snakes are an obvious symbol for bad feelings and emotions. They link to poisonous relationships and negative emotions. Fathers often appear in dreams when you are wishing to do the sensible thing and get rid of some problem for good. In this case it symbolises the dreamers wish to rid herself of her boyfriend. The snakes will not go away because the boyfriend will not go away.

Dream Dictionary Meanings
CRYING: "The dreamers continuing upset caused by the relationship"
FATHER: "The dreamers own desire to put an end to a bad relationship"
SNAKE: "the dreamers poisonous relationship with her boyfriend"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I want to finish with my boyfriend but he simply will not go away. I don't know what to do."

See how the dream symbols capture the dreamers wish to end the relationship and her recognition that breaking off has not been as easy as she wished

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