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Wedding dress stain - dreams symbolism

This dream simply reflects the dreamers feeling that "something can and will go wrong at weddings." Dreams play out our worst fears.

THE DREAM I'm all dressed up and about to leave my parent's home for the last time. My father is holding a glass of red wine and kind of drunk already which annoys me but he starts to give a speech to me and ends up spilling the dark red contents on my white dress! I was horrified and panicked.

Later I had another dream. My 3 year old niece is holding a cup of grape juice and runs to hug me in excitement, spilling the purple drink on my white dress

THE INTERPRETATION The day before the dreamer was at a friends who was also getting married with bridal shower arrangements. There was a room FULL of women talking about things that occurred on their wedding days.

DREAM INTERPRETATION Dreams can often be set off by little incidents. If we fear something might happen then dreams can bring to life those fears. The day before this dream the dreamer was listening to a group of women tell her how badly things could go wrong on her wedding day. These fears were brought to life by the dreams symbols. These were just examples of how badly things could go.

Dream Dictionary Meanings
STAIN ON WEDDING DRESS: "An example of something that could go wrong at a wedding"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I was in a room full of women yesterday who all told me about things that happened on their wedding day. It fed all my fears about what can and does go wrong"

See how the Symbolic Meanings reflect the dreamers own feelings during a meeting the day before

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