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Mermaid - dream analysis

This was a "This is how it should be dream." The dreamer is visualising how things should be and this is in deep contrast to the situation on the ground. This dream occurred at the moment when the dreamer realised that she needed a divorce.

THE DREAM I was under water but in some sort of a restaurant or bar that was filled with water and I was swimming so beautifully like a mermaid. I was with a man, we were smiling at each other and having a great time underwater.

GUESSWORK The day before the dream the dreamer decided that she needed a divorce. She was never quite satisfied and didn't feel understood.

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In guesswork the dream was linked to the dreamers decision that she wanted a divorce. Therefore this dream seems unusual in that its quite a happy dream. How could this dream link in with this decision to get a divorce? Well often when we make major decision we have been doing some deep thinking. So probably what has happened here is that the dreamer has had some very positive thoughts about what she wants from life. The mermaid and the man in restaurant build up a romantic picture - together they represent the way the dreamer wants to be treated. She wants more from her marriage. After visualizing what she really wants she immediately knows that the marriage that she is in will never provide her with what she wants - so the decision is simple.

DREAM ANALYSIS In guesswork the dream was linked to the dreamers decision to divorce the day before. The dream captures these types of feelings - "I was picturing yesterday what I want from life and I know now that my husband will never provide me with that."

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