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Feeling fulfilled - dream analysis

Dreams are like stories from the bible. They may seem totally irrelevant to our everyday life yet when we understand them they deal with themes which are common to everyone. This dream dealt with the theme of "doing the right thing" which a theme which had come up the day before as the dreamer had told her boyfriend some home truths

THE DREAM I dreamt that I was at the mall shopping with some friends. I was trying on clothes and realized my lips were chapped! I went back out to ask my friends why they hadn't told me my lips were chapped and I ran into my aunt who asked if I wanted to go get lunch with her and I agreed. She told me to wait and she would be right back. In the midst of my waiting I went ahead without her and walked from the mall into a bad neighborhood where I ordered and got my food. I walked back and noticed a man looking for his wallet farther down I saw two little boys talking about how they had just stolen the man's money. I bent down, asked them why they did what they did, talked to them and convinced them to give the man his money back. I walked away feeling fulfilled.

Later, I got in the car with my father who drove me to this huge buildings with mansions inside. All the residents were like musicians, blues singers, etc. The first house had the windows boarded up and many of them were run down and I was very drawn to one in particular, it was beautiful and the most kept up of them all. We passed by and stopped at the last house in the building and went inside, it was run down on the outside but on the inside it was beautiful.

I also fed my neighbor lunch - fried chicken and French fries. I remember him being angry and doing it for fear of him being mad at me or telling something I did, I can't remember which one.

GUESSWORK The previous night the dreamer had told her boyfriend some home truths. They were not speaking and she was expecting a break up.

The "Guesswork" stage of interpreting a dream involves spotting issues likely to cause dreams. For help with this click here

1. In the dream the little boys have done something wrong. Doing something wrong could represent anything that anyone has just done wrong. In this case the dreamer clearly felt her boyfriend was in the wrong and had told him.
2. The small boys could represent her boyfriend and so link to the issue mentioned. Small boys could signify how the boyfriend has been immature or how he needs to be told off in the way that little boys are told off.
3. The dreamer feels fulfilled. That could signify any situation where the dreamer feels that exact feeling. In real life she had felt better for telling her boyfriend some home truths. This probably represents how she felt better for getting things off her chest.
4. In the dream the dreamer has chapped lips and wonders why her friends have not told her. This has relevance to the argument the day before. Its her way of saying that a friend or loved one sees something that is wrong they should point it out to the dreamer. A true friend would tell them about something embarrassing. A true friend would say if you have bad breath. The dreamer probably feels that this is relevant to her situation. She told her boyfriend some home truths even though they were difficult to raise.

DREAM ANALYSIS In guesswork the dream was linked to the dreamers argument with her boyfriend the day before. The dream deals with the following themes
- Saying something is wrong
- immature males
- A feeling of fulfilment
- A belief that you should say something even if its embarrassing
If you weave together the different themes you find that they could capture these thoughts -"I told my boyfriend some home truths yesterday. It made me feel a lot better! He needed sorting out. I always think that you should say something to someone close to you even though its embarrassing!"

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