A shark dream and its symbolic meanings

Shark dreams can take place as the dreamer is taking a great risk.

THE DREAM I dreamt I was a girl but not myself. I was swimming in the ocean not far from the boat my sister and I had taken out to sea in the afternoon while the sun was beginning to set. My sister was in the boat. As I was swimming a big dark black shark came. My sister saw it but I didn't see it. It swam after me as I swam back to the boat. As I reached the boat, still in the water the shark tried to bite me but bumped into the side of the boat right next to me and swam away for a minute. I still did not see the shark despite how close it was to biting me. I climbed onto the boat happy and then I turned and saw the shark. My sister and I as well as a small child that was with us made sure to stay away from the edge of the boat as the shark continued to circle the boat. As the shark circled the boat we walked our father and told him what the sharks patterns were. We told him the sharks patterns were that it would keep circling the boat despite how quiet and still we were being. It wouldn't go away. I saw the boat floating in the ocean with the shark still circling it as the dream ended and despite the shark the ocean was relatively calm with only small waves and the sunset cast an orange glow over the ocean and the boat.

THE REALITY The day before the dream the dreamer had been talking to an online friend who claims to have fallen in love with her despite never having met her in person. She was still very much in love with her ex boyfriend. This new man was making all the promises that her ex was making. She realised the risks that she was taking as the man has heart problems. She did not want her child to lose another father.

DREAM INTERPRETATION Its always best to try to link dreams to recent issues/. If dreams truly link to our deepest inner feelings then any new event will surely generate a dream. In this case the dreamer had one significant matter on her mind - a long distance relationship. She was concentrating on the empty promises that this man was making to her. She was looking at all of the hidden dangers to a relationship with a man she had never met whom was also very ill.

Sisters are deeply honest people. They will tell you exactly how they think even if its something you do not want to hear. They will tell you when you are entering a relationship with someone who is just not right. So in this case it represents the dreamers recognition of the impracticality of the relationship.

The shark of course represents hidden dangers - especially in an emotional sense. The dangers which lurk beneath the water. The things that we are not seeing properly. In real life she was concentrating too much on the good aspects of the man she met on the internet. Yet real problems were lurking just beneath the surface. Empty promises and health problems in a man she had never met. Just the types of things likely to lead to a broken heart - just after the disastrous relationship she had just come out of. Later in the dream these dangers are seen as she spots the shark. That moment represents the problems that she had already begun to recognise but just the night before she had started to accept.

Symbolic Dream Meanings
CHILD : "The dreamer had in particular been thinking about her child the night before. Another disastrous relationship would not be good. "
FATHER : "Fathers often emerge in dreams when you are saying to yourself - this has to stop. The dreamer recognized the need to end a long distance relationship with a guy she had never met. "
PATTERN : "The dreamer was recognising patterns - the man she met on the internet was making empty promises in the same way her ex did. She spotted a pattern emerging. "
SHARK : "The need to recognize hidden dangers in a long distance relationship. "
SISTER : "Sisters are deeply honest and will tell you exactly how they are thinking. They are often better positioned to spot the mistakes that you are making. "

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I don't need this new relationship. Its bound to fail. I have had enough heartbreak and this guy is coming out with the same old empty promises that my ex made. And I have never met him. And he is ill and may die at any time. ".

Try to see how the dreams symbols link to a key thought from the day before.

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