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Chased by a dragon dream

A dream about an aggressive dinosaur took place the day after some heated arguments.

THE DREAM - I was in my neighbourhood and the sky was full of thick black smoke. I was being chased by a dragon and also a pterodactyl. My sister was with me and I was telling her to just be quiet. The dragon looked me right in the eye.

THE REALITY The dreamer had recently broken up with his girlfriend and had just had a very heated argument with his ex's best friend.

THE INTERPRETATION Obviously if there is confrontation in your life then a dream with confrontation could directly be linked to that. Its handy to see in such cases how the symbols work. The dragon and fire could represent the heated argument that the dreamer had with his ex girlfriends best friend. The dream also features the dreamer telling his sister to be quiet. That is perhaps a symbol for the dreamer trying to defuse the situation. With someone whom he is trying protect and keep away from hostility.

Dream Dictionary Meanings
DRAGON: A dragon breathing fire could easily represent the dreamers ex's best friend who the night before had a huge argument with the dreamer.
CHASED: Being chased by someone could again be a symbol of an argument and heated confrontation. If someone is confronting you then you feel chased and more so
PTERODACTYL: A Pterodactyl could easily symbolise an argument again. Its a hostile creature and could
EYE: Looking someone right in the eye could be a symbol helping to create the major confrontation the night before.

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following emotions within the dreamer - "I have just split up with my girlfriend and last night I had a fearful confrontation with her best friend."

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