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Wanting to live and to achieve - dream interpretation

This dream took place as the dreamer had decided to fight health problems and strive to achieve his best.

THE DREAM I was really wanting to achieve things - to have my book published. I wanted to live and wanted people to be proud of me.

THE REALITY The day before the dreamer had decided to try to improve his health. He had been drinking too much and had realised that this was having a serious and detrimental effect on him. He wanted to start focusing on the things that he wanted to achieve. But he realised that he had to take responsibility for his own health.

DREAM INTERPRETATION This dream made perfect sense in terms of recent thoughts. The previous day the dreamer had realised that his drinking was getting out of hand. He not only had to control his drinking but stop altogether. This dream symbolised his need to concentrate on the things that he wanted to achieve. He had a book he wanted to get published. The dream then starts off from the point that he has to control his drinking. The dream concentrates on the things which would motivate him. If he managed to set himself some goals and try to achieve them this would help him to overcome his own drinking problem.

Symbolic Meanings
PROUD : "The dreamer had realised that in order to achieve goals he had to work hard"
WANT TO LIVE : "The dreamer had realised that his drinking was seriously damaging his health"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - " I was thinking last night that I really need to stop drinking. It is having a serious and detrimental effect on my health. I want to achieve things but in order to do so I have to be more disciplined and stop being so self destructive."

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