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King in a contest dream

During everyday life we ask ourselves questions and our dreams often reflect these questions. In real life the dreamer had asked himself "should I get involved in an argument by correcting them." In real life he was asking himself if that was wise because he feared this person. The dream of kings perhaps hints at these same themes - power and confrontation.

THE DREAM I am with three other men. One is a king. There appears to be some kind of game or contest. There seems to be some uncertainty. Will the king get the support of two other men in the group or will they band together and overthrow him.

THE REALITY The previous day at work the dreamer had been in two minds about correcting a new employee. This new employee was very able. The dreamer did not like to correct him because he secretly feared him slightly. He drew back from entering an argument. The dreamer likes to see himself as expert and authoritative but had some misgivings about entering into open dispute with this new man.

DREAM ANALYSIS The dream obviously involves a king. The dream also involves the issue of power and power wrangling. So in this sense the dream is easy to work out. The dreamer looked at his own life and at the day before the dream(most dreams are about issues which are alive in your mind then). There was a real issue or situation which fitted this. The dreamer had been in two minds about challenging the views put forward by a new colleague. The dreamer felt of himself as being commanding and authoritative at work. He felt he was the expert. Yet the new colleague seemed very able. He was unsure about taking on the new guy. This

Dreams capture these little dilemmas in our lives. Dreams are about reading signals in the behavior of others and picking the right moments. We constantly monitor our own behavior in this way.

Symbolic Meanings
KING : "The dreamers perception of himself as being commanding and in charge"
KINGS : "Thinking about how to act - should the dreamer show his superior knowledge and humiliate the newcomer at work. It may offend him and make an enemy later"
MEN SUPPORT KING : "the dreamer hopes for support and recognition of his position within the company"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I like to be dominant at work. Most people accept my technical knowledge. There is a new employee at work. He seems quite clever. I want to correct him on one or two points but do not like to make him feel inferior. Also I kind of fear him as he does seem clever so may grow to dislike me. Overall I am not sure how to act towards him. "

See how the Symbolic Meanings above weave together to form a key insight in the DREAM MEANING

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