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Fruit shop - dream interpretation

THE DREAM I left university and went to this little shop that I usually go to, to get something to drink before I leave. Anyhow, the shop was huge in my dream and I got confused when I went inside. I was really hungry but found nothing that I would like to eat and just as I was about to leave, I saw this huge stand of fruits. So I went there and saw four mangos, I took a plastic bag and put a mango in it but the mango was rotten, so I took it out, and replaced it with another mango. The second mango was also rotten. So I took out the second rotten mango and saw with bright red mango that looked so juicy and impressive. So I picked it up, and put it in the plastic bag. When I picked it up, some cherries were attached to the red mango which I didn't remove. And I bought it.

THE REALITY Over the previous three days the dreamer had been thinking a lot about her University. She wondered if it was best to transfer to a better one. If she did so she would lose her double major and need another two years to graduate and lose credit for a couple of her courses. But on the other hand this would be a better university in a better country and getting a better degree away from the troubling people she was having to face. If she doesn't transfer she will graduate with a double major in a year, but have to live in an area she does not like living in on her own. But she also has a third option which is a double major and 18 months to two years and living on her own in a good place.

DREAM INTERPRETATION Shop dreams are generally about options. In this case they do not have many clues. The best strategy in such dreams is to look at the last few days and see how your options have changed. How have you been thinking about your goals. In this case there is a direct and easily identifiable situation involving the dreamers options. The dream may be confusing in that it just seems linked to mangos.

The dream seems to draw attention to the third mango. This is maybe emphasizing how this is an option. Maybe the debate has been about the two options or staying where she is or moving with her family.

Symbolic Meanings
FRUIT : "the fruit of the dreamers education - different degrees and universities"
SHOP : "looking at your own options - in this case options involving education"
DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I am having to transfer universities. I have been thinking through the various options. "

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