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Sex with man I know - dream interpretation

If you were thinking about someone who was in your dream the day before then your dream could translate into some thought concerning that person.

THE DREAM On Friday night the last person I talked to on the phone I dreamed about. This man is someone I have absolutely no romantic interest in (I've known him all my life and he and I go to the same church in fact on the phone we were talking about church business). I dreamed that he and I were in bed together about to have sex and then his looks changed he was someone else although I could not see his face real well I know he was another person of another race. (I've never dated outside of my race). Maybe I dreamed about him because I talked to him on the phone before going to bed but why the sexual nature - I almost want to say YUCK!

THE REALITY The dreamer had been on the phone with the man in the dream about church business the night before. He was trying to get her to get her involved in a particular activity - yet this would have brought her into contact with someone she really didn't like

THE INTERPRETATION Dreams do link with recent events. They especially link to the day before as we process through and integrate new thoughts from then into long term memories. So its significant that the dreamer had a dream about someone she had just been on the phone with. So this is very much a classic case. How could the symbols in this dream link to reality.

Dreams build up meanings by comparing one thing to another which has the same emotional meaning. "Getting in bed" is a phrase in use in the English language. It shows that you are coming to some agreement about something. It links to a plot or plan that is being hatched. Here the man phoning was trying to get her to agree on some issue and he was showing her just how attractive some idea was.

Sex in dreams often links to something that is been seen or portrayed a attractive and pleasurable. But in the dream the major emotion here is that this is highly unattractive. That links to the exact real life thoughts and feelings on the mind of the dreamer.

Symbolic Meanings
BED : "a very personal request - the dreamer received a very personal request for help with some church task"
BED : "working very closely with someone in some way"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I was on the phone with the man in the dream the evening before. He was trying to get me to do something for the church"

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