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Titanic is sinking dream interpretation

A dream about the Titanic took place the night after the dreamer had been worrying about an Aunt who was in a crisis. This disaster was a symbol for her Aunt own personal disasters which, like the Titanic, took sometime to play out

THE DREAM I had a recurring dream within one night. very odd. I continually dreamt I was on the Titanic. I only remember being in a cabin. I was in a peach coloured cabin, it was lovely. Then the ship went down. I was suddenly outside underwater watching it go down. I saw it land on the bottom of the ocean and I woke up with a start at 1:24. It scared me.

Then I went back to sleep and the dream continued. I had somehow been transported back inside the ship and was once again in my cabin. I was with friends, and we all were in the cabin and realized we were in an air pocket within the ship in the bottom of the ocean. We were safe. We were all rejoicing we would be found soon and saved. "It was just a matter of time". I kept hearing that phrase. I woke up again and felt relief at 3:34. Then I went back to sleep.

This time we were still in the air pocket within the ship,(it gives me goose bumps talking about it). The next thing I knew I was floating in the cabin in air near the ceiling. I looked over to the edge of the cabin wall and saw the wall in the corner was starting to bulge with water pressure. At first it was a tiny leak so there was no worry by any of us. Then it bulged out and it looked like it was ready to give way and then I woke up at 4:45.

THE REALITY The previous day had been a very emotional day. The dreamers best friend walked out of her job because she was so angry at hospital cuts. The dreamer was still waiting to hear from her. She had always said it was a matter of time before she had had it with all the hospital cuts in staffing. Also the dreamers Great Aunt (74) had been extremely stressed and anxiety ridden because she was getting a new bedroom suite delivered. She had said if she has any more stress she may simply lay down and go to sleep never to wake up again. The dreamer had called her later that night but there was no answer.

DREAM INTERPRETATION If we have experienced a major stress the previous day then this will almost certainly trigger a dream. This dreamer was worried about a friend and a relative who both seemed at breaking point. She had not heard from either by the time she went to sleep. So the dreams probably reflect the worries about what had happened. The different dreams maybe reflect conflicting emotions. One dream seems hopeful whilst others were scary. At one moment the dreamer was feeling optimistic about how things would turn out. Later she maybe started to worry something really bad had happened.

Titanic is a simple symbol. Its a sinking ship. Dreams are very much in the here and now and they reflect our emotional state and intuitive thoughts. Its easy to see what these dreams are symbolic of - the dreamers best friend and Great Aunt who both had 'that sinking feeling'.

Dream Dictionary Meanings
TITANIC : "This represents her friend and Aunts sinking feelings"
DREAM FEELING RELIEF : "This dream represents the dreamers hopes that things have turned out for the better"
WAKE UP SCARED : "This dream represents the dreamers worries that things have not turned out for the best"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "My best friend and great Aunt were both stressed out yesterday. I still have not received news about how they are. All sorts of thoughts have been rushing through my head. One moment I feel things will have turned out OK but then I start to worry. The worst thing is that I have not heard from either of them."

See how the Symbolic meanings capture the dreamers emotional worries about her friend and elderly Aunt

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