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In a cemetery dream

THE DREAM I was in some kind of cemetery. It was a fairly nice day. I later bumped into a former co-worker, Ruth and I was still bitter about what had happened. She was upset about this.

BACKGROUND INFORMATION The dreamer had bumped into the Ruth in the dream and ignored and avoided her. He used to work with her but then he was fired. It was not her fault but he was still bitter. He had been ignoring all his former workmates because the whole thing had hit him very hard.

DREAM ANALYSIS The dream seems to replay an incident the day before. The dreamer had bumped into a former co-worker and had "felt bitter" just like in the dream.

So we have an obvious connection here as to the topic and trigger of the dream. The dream was probably about the dreamers thoughts concerning this chance meeting.

In real life the dreamer had bumped into the person in the dream and was "still bitter". in real life he had been fired and was still overcome with emotion and did not want to talk to anyone from that former workplace. He had been mortified by his dismissal. When he had ignored the person in the dream he just ignored her. He felt that she might be confused by him ignoring her but he didn't care because he just wanted to cut her off along with everyone who used to work there.

But why did the dream take place in a cemetery? What is the symbolism of this? In real life the dreamer had not bumped into this woman in a cemetery and they had never been to a cemetery together. A cemetery can symbolise a portion of your life which is "dead and buried". When someone dies they are buried and we try to move on and forget them. In real life this type of symbolism is certainly relevant. The dreamer had been fired and was bitter about this. As far as he was concerned all his former co-workers were "dead to me". He had cut them off and did not want to be reminded of that part of his life.

DREAM MEANING The dream seems to have caught this key feeling from the day before "I bumped into my former co-worker yesterday and felt a bit guilty about it. I just ignored her because I just feel the need to cut myself off from all my former co-workers. I was so bitter and mortified by my dismissal. I know she is probably a bit confused because it was not her fault but I don't care, she is just going to have to deal with it."

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