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Find safe place in tsunami - dream analysis

The dreamer had just had a serious talk with her boyfriend the day before this dream and decided to split with him. What do you think the "safe place" in the dream represents.

THE DREAM I am laying down in the sand, sad, playing with the sand and I was thinking deep. Then I remembered my little brother was inside the house, so I called him because I remembered he liked to play with water. Then I noticed the water was looking weird, in some places was deep followed by other places where the water didn't even move, I am looking at the water when I started noticing the waves that were coming were not normal waves, they were bigger and aggressive, it was then when I realized a tsunami was about to come . I took my little brother and I went into the house (which was by the sea). the waves were increasing and increasing. The waves started to hit the my house more aggressively then I realized my house wasn't safe ( it was a wood house), I looked around for a safer place, and all the way to the left of my house was an elevation of rocks, I knew rocks were safer than wood. I made sure that, my little brother, my mother and father got there by the next wave. Not long after the waves started to hit . I overheard someone saying "45 minutes" so I jumped to the conclusion he meant 45 minutes walk to safety. So I told my father "45 minutes walk and we'll be safe". He said "lets start to walk". Right after he said that, the real tsunami wave was rising .. a really big one. It was then when I looked around and I knew we needed to hold to something it was not going to move when the aggressiveness of the water hits it. I looked at the big wave .. and then I woke up.

THE REALITY The dreamer had been in a turbulent relationship. One minute she was talking to him and the next they would stop talking. This pattern had continued on for over a year. The day before the dream the couple agreed that they had to talk about this situation and discuss their feelings. Her boyfriend told her that she had to decide if they should continue in an unhealthy relationship or just let go of and move on. The dreamer decided to stop talking to her boyfriend and cut all contact with him. But the dreamer was still confused about if she had made the right choice. She cut off all contact with him.

THE INTERPRETATION The day before this dream the dreamer had made a huge decision. Its on days like this that dream analysis becomes suddenly a lot easier. Surely any dream she has is related in some way to this situation. Its just a matter of understanding the dream symbolism.

A dream should link to our conceptual feelings or thoughts. We know how we feel so its a matter of comparing what has happened and seeing how a dream can capture our thoughts and feelings.

This dream seems completely divorced from real life yet it perfectly captures her emotional state. Throughout the dream she is trying to get to a place of safety. This easily translates into real life thoughts. She is trying to get to a place of emotional safety. Its not about her life being in danger more about her wanting to reach a state of emotional security.

The dream also seems to mirror reality in other ways. There seems to be a sense of discussion at times - the father agrees that this is the right choice to make. It mimics reality in that a decision is made and agreed upon.

Symbolic Meanings
SAFE PLACE : "wanting to reach a state of emotional security - feelings reassured and happy - making the right decision"
TIDAL WAVE : "Wondering how the break up will impact her"
WAVES : "symbolic of the turbulence in the relationship"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I split up with my boyfriend yesterday. I still have major doubts about if I am making the right decision. Should we stop seeing each other entirely or try to remain friends? ".

See how the Symbolic Meanings above weave together to capture the dreamer feelings as she broke up with her boyfriend.

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