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Ghost in cemetery dream

THE DREAM I was in some kind of cemetery. I was trying to find somewhere to urinate but couldn't find anywhere. I saw this ghost or dark figure staring right at me. I had this short conversation with the ghost talking at me - it did not last for long.

BACKGROUND INFORMATION The dreamer had bumped into someone the day before who he did not want to speak to. The dreamer had cut himself off from a group of old friends he had fallen out with. The dreamer did not like to talk to any of these friends and was so bitter he did not like being reminded of any connection with them. That is why he ignored one of them the day before.

DREAM ANALYSIS: When you analyse a dream try to think how to link the symbolism to any big emotions from the day before. In real life the dreamer had met someone from his past who he did not want to meet. He then has a ghost dream. The link is quite clear he had met a "ghost from his past". We often use the word "ghost" to describe someone we used to know. They are dead and buried to us as the friendship is over and now they are as good as dead to us. Seeing them is like seeing a ghost.

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