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Murder a stranger dream

We can guess how someone is thinking by their dreams. The day before this dream the dreamer had initiated a break up. This dream of finding bodies seems linked. The dreamer gets angry at the sight of blood so perhaps this hints at her wish to get through this break up without any pain.

THE DREAM Very vivid. I was in a factory and ran into this very tall/large man (a stranger) and decided to kill him. After I killed him,I chopped him up and put his body parts in garbage bags and hid them around the factory. As I was leaving,I looked over and saw a tiny bit of blood dripping out of one of the bags. I got angry and cursed and dragged the bag to another spot to hide. I then left. I had no remorse or bad feelings,I only was angry after I saw the blood. I also didn't "see" me do the killing or chopping,I just know I did it. Terrible and uneasy feeling ever since.

BACKGROUND INFORMATION I was telling someone about a break up that happened 2 years ago the day before the dream. The break up was something I initiated, but a little painful. I thought the dream was very connected to the conversation,just not sure how.

Posted at September 12, 2012, 17:03 by annie72

Unclesirbobby (POSTED September 12, 2012, 18: 3: 22)
Thanks for posting - its an interesting dream. It definitely relates to this past event as you have relived it in your mind.

When you get a dream you can often see entire thought processes within them.

For instance its easy to see that you broke with him because the dream is about murder. Murder can represent a decision to end a relationship - you are killing off the relationship. It has certain similarities with murder in that you (almost ruthlessly) decide to end the relationship.

I suspect that you felt this type of thought - "He had changed - I felt that I no longer knew him" (hence he had become like a stranger in the dream.

I suspect the blood represents the pain. You wanted the break up to have been a little more easier and that's the meaning to the dream. You just wish that he could have accepted the break up and moved on immediately. Instead it became difficult - that's your only regret.

The murder suggests that you now realise how this break up descended into the worst type of break up where extremely bad things happen like murders.

I really do not know what the factory means. I have often felt that factories symbolize the inside workings of the mind. You try to see how a thought or feeling is manufactured (how do we make feelings).

Annie72 (POSTED September 12, 2012, 19: 3: 31)
Wow,thank you. This was a second go at a previous relationship that just wasn't working (I still carry some guilt about it). My reason...he wasn't the man I thought he was. I never connected the stranger in the dream to that. Fascinating how the mind works.

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