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Dream - my father buys me dog I do not want

Dreams often mirror reality in ways which are not coincidence. In real life the dreamer "did not want" his father setting him up with some contacts. In the dreamer "did not want" his father buying him a dog. The two are related and the dream shows that the dreamer has been focusing on this very point. The dreams meaning probably links to this very point and the dream could translate into the simple feeling "I do not want my father interferring" or "I do not want these contacts."

THE DREAM My dad was buying me a dog but I did not want it.

THE REALITY The day before the dream the dreamers father was trying to encourage him to meet up with some new contacts. The dreamer did not want to do this.

THE INTERPRETATION Dogs are often symbolic of loyal and trusted friends. So the dream has an obvious connection with the day before. The dream also connects with the dreamers father which also suggests that the two issues are connected.

Quite what the dream means precisely is difficult to say. It may show that the son realises that his father has his own best interests at heart.

Perhaps the dream is about how the father sees the issue. Maybe the dreamer is thinking through the issue of friends and reliable contacts. Is that important to the dreamer? These questions can only be answered by the dreamer. In this case once the two issues are connected then you can start to suggest further and more complex answers to dreams. Dreams reflect your feelings so just compare your feelings to the dream symbols. Try to find a consistent match between your feelings and the symbols.

In real life the dreamer may not attach the same importance to making friends and influencing people. That is probably the crux of the dream.

Symbolic Meanings
BUY : "trying to convince - the dreamers father is trying to convince him to meet some new contacts"
DOG : "being expected to faithfully follow his fathers path"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "My father keeps trying to set me up with people whom he sees as a good influence. I want to make my own friends"

See how the different symbolic meanings join together to form the dreams meaning

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