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Dream symbolism - phone answering machine

A dream where your message is not been heard could simply translate into a real life thought such as "they will not listen to what I have to say" or "he is sending out some mixed signals"

THE DREAM I was with my sister. I phone up my ex boyfriend. No one answered. Next I kept getting the phone answering machine or could not understand what he said.

THE REALITY The dreamers ex boyfriend was giving out some not too clear signals on what he wanted. At one moment he wanted to get back together. Next he said he thought they should never see each other.

THE INTERPRETATION Phones are very much symbols of communication. Here there is a problem with the phone and communication in general. The dreamer does not understand what he is saying.

Symbolic Meanings
CANNOT UNDERSTAND : "simply the dreamers ex is giving conflicting messages so she does not really understand where she stands"
PHONE : "a wish to communicate her feelings to her ex boyfriend and understand what he is saying"
SISTER : "a symbol of emotional openness - wanting to discuss openly feelings - she wishes to tell her ex her true feelings and find out what he is thinking"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I am trying to understand what my boyfriend wants. He seemed to want to get back together but now he seems as if he wants to end the relationship for good"

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