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Place on plane

THE DREAM I was on an air-plane. I had a feeling that I was there under false pretences. I had taken someone else's place. I should not have been rightfully there.

GUESSWORK: (the guesswork stage of a dream involves thinking of an issue which has been on the dreamers mind and then testing out the dream to see if the symbolic meanings could represent that new thought or intuition)

The dreamer had just seen an old girlfriend the night before. He really missed her and wished to get back together with her. He was convinced that they would get back together - however, deep down he knew that they would not.

2. RIGHTFUL PLACE: Not having a rightful place to be on a plane was linked to the dreamer deluding himself about getting back together with an ex girlfriend. He was getting carried away with some thoughts and believed that they were destined for each other - yet in reality he knew it was over.

DREAM MEANINGS: The dream deals with the following themes.
- Wanting things to happen quickly
- Not having the right to do something

If you weave together the dreams symbolic meanings and relate it to some intuitive thoughts and feelings linked to the dreamers real life then you find the dream could capture this thought - "I really want to get back together with her. I feel we are destined to be together. But I suppose I am just kidding myself."

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