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Fighting Anaconda with machete - dream analysis

THE DREAM I was surprised by a giant black anaconda, then I found a machete and chopped her all up. Afterwards in my backyard, there were lots of people and then dozens more giant black anacondas came coming out. I kept trying to chop them up while people were running and screaming.

THE REALITY The dreamer was having a big problem with her son's former girlfriend. She was trying to ruin her life,business and reputation. She had been making false accusations.

DREAM ANALYSIS Bitter relationships can cause dreams at any time. This dreamer was continually worried about her sons ex spreading false accusations. This would generate a dream at any time whilst the issue was worrying her. Its easy to see how snakes represent bad feelings and false accusations. They are poisonous just like the bitter emotions of her sons ex girlfriend.

The machete represents the dreamers own response. A machete is a highly personal weapon used in arm to arm combat. This is a particularly appropriate symbol in this case - symbolic of a highly personal and bitter relationship.

Dream Dictionary Meanings
MACHETE : "A highly involved bitter struggle - in this case a bitter fight with her sons former girlfriend."
SNAKE : "Any bitter relationship - in this case her sons former girlfriends false accusations and deliberate attempts to ruin the dreamers life"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "My sons girlfriend is trying to ruin my life. She is making false accusations."

See how the Symbolic meanings weave together to capture the dreamers feelings about a bitter relationship

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