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Dream analysis - impossible

THE DREAM I am in the old town. I start to try to get somewhere. I am going in a certain direction. It then starts getting more difficult. I end up climbing over roofs and chimneys. I then have to climb down this staircase. Its not a staircase though. I have to climb on to something which seems like a moving boat. Its moving within the walls of the house. Its extremely precarious. I am later in Whitby. I want to get to the Lorraine Museum. I was looking for directions to get there. But I realised that it would be difficult and almost impossible to get back.

GUESSWORK Lorraine was the name of a woman the dreamer had had a relationship with. Now he was ignoring her and avoiding her. Its almost certainly about her.

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1. LORRAINE: Lorraine was the name of a woman that the dreamer had had a relationship with. Now he was avoiding her. The dream is almost certainly about some of his thoughts and feelings about her.
2. IMPOSSIBLE. In the dream its impossible to get back to where the dreamer was. That's a simple metaphor and extremely relevant to the dreamers situation. It was impossible for the dreamer to 'get back' with this woman.
3. CLIMBING. Climbing often symbolises a great determination and effort. This captured the dreamers feelings in that he had made a great effort to avoid and ignore this woman.
4. MUSEUM. A museum named after the woman who the dreamer broke up with is an interesting symbol. A museum is a monument to the past. It shows that this woman is now in the past.

DREAM ANALYSIS In guesswork the dream following themes
was linked to dreamers thoughts about this woman the dreamer broke up with. The dream deals with the following themes
- Showing great determination and effort
- An impossibility of going back
- The dreamers relationship with this woman Lorraine

If you weave together the different themes you find that they could capture these thoughts -"I made a great effort in breaking up with her. Now I realise that its almost impossible to go back"

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