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Bear chasing my young son

THE DREAM A bear was chasing my 4 year old. it was supposed to be a tame bear but I didn't believe it and I kept protecting my little one from the bear. Also lots of bear excrement was lying around.

Posted at June 10, 2012, 02:07 by KarenT
Unclesirbobby (POSTED June 10, 2012, 04: 7: 40)
The dream portrays a situation where you feel there is danger to your son. This dream probably is quite literal - mothers are always having to protect their children. But sometimes its not as easy. This dream shows that you recently felt protective towards your son. Some people were probably saying that you were being over protective (symbolised by the bear which in this case was tame - so therefore not a danger)

What happened the day before? How were you protective then? Were there people saying that you were being over protective? Ask yourself who was the bear? What was the excrement?

In my experience mothers often have dreams like this. Its linked to their need to protect their children. Its especially linked to the continual need to assess and reassess the dangers to their children.

KarenT (POSTED June 11, 2012, 01: 1: 17)
I am very protective of my son. Maybe over protective. I'm afraid he will come to harm. I think the bear excrement might be my thoughts on germs. I'm afraid he will get ill by catching other peoples germs.

I'm even afraid of him playing rough. I recently read an article on a 2 yr old that died while playing rough with his big brother. Its scary cause it makes me feel like..Who can I trust?

Unclesirbobby (POSTED June 11, 2012, 18: 1: 43)
Its difficult trying to find the right balance.

You may have found the two causes of the dream. The bear maybe symbolic of rough play. Its an excellent symbol because they are so big and tough. That shows that in your mind the bear (just like other boys playing rough) can cause serious harm.

Its difficult to find the right balance. I would say that germs could be good for you... but I suppose it depends what type of germs. Normal everyday germs are maybe good because we have to build up an immunity to them and I think we can be too clean. But maybe if some other child has some serious illness like a flu then its best to stay away. Young children are very vulnerable to illness

Not sure what to say about the rough play. There maybe an element of risk but you have to balance that with the benefits of play.

If you protected a child and later that grown adult from every last illness and risk then maybe they would live a longer life but maybe they would lose out on lots of things.

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