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Military officer and Queens baby dream

In this dream the queen is a metaphor for a recent feeling. The dreamers girlfriend wished to be obeyed (like a queen) and maybe the dreamer felt she was "his Queen" and he would do whatever he could to please her (treat her like a queen)

THE DREAM - I was a soldier and a bunch of the other soldiers were going off to some war and he was pulled aside by the Colonel who said I wouldn't be going to war but he had to go to the Queen's place and watch her baby. He ends up being late (I am never ever late in real life) and the Queen meets him outside and hands him the baby and tells him she trusts him to keep it safe.

THE REALITY The dreamer was very obsessed about being on time. Yet his own thoughts were coming into conflict with his Fiancé's.

THE INTERPRETATION Relationships often draw us into situations and feelings that we are not happy with. Two very different people may have totally different ideas on what is the right way to think and behave. The dreamers fiancé described him as being "anal" about being late. She recognised how he hated it if she was fussing over different outfits.

The dream features a queen which maybe gives a hint to the dreams meaning. She of course represents the dreamers fiancé. A queen is someone who must be obeyed and tends to get her own way. So this maybe suggests that he is having to overcome his own wish not to be late and give in to his girlfriend.

Soldiers are strong symbols and can be linked to themes involving lateness. A soldier links to his own wish to be disciplined and to follow a set schedule. The army is very much about rules and regulations. They capture his ideas and wish to be on time.

Babies are highly precious creatures which we take great care with. We lavish them with attention and take every effort to make sure things are right. In this case this represents the dreamers fiancé who was taking every effort and care over getting ready.

Symbolic Meanings
BABY : "taking every care with something that is very special and important"
LATE : "the dreamer is obsessed about not being late"
QUEEN : "the dreamers fiancé - a very special person who you do anything for "
SOLDIER : "highly ordered and organized - a need to be punctual and disciplined"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I hate being late. It drives me mad when my girlfriend keeps trying on new outfits five minutes before we have to leave. But my Fiancé has different ideas. I guess I just have to put up with it."

See how the Symbolic Meanings above weave together to form a key insight in the DREAM MEANING

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