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Tsunami in dream

If some great disaster happens in a dream like a tsunami then try to see how it is a metaphor for some thought. Surely this tsunami dream was a metaphor for the mess of the dreamers relationship.

DREAM - Tsunami in dream I saw a dream that I am in a deep pool where I cant see the bottom and I was there without any way out but God saved me. but next moment my brother was there inside the pool where tsunami was coming with slow waves and increasing water level from sea faraway towards us and I have to save my brother by getting a gem stone which was required to create a magic to take him out the pool. I got that gem but I had a very narrow way, one side the huge mountain wall and the other side tsunami water touching the small narrow rocky way and somebody was standing blocking the way. But I didn't have any difficulties to cross him and come there calling my brother to take that gem but he was calm and watching the tsunami coming not worried abt it at all but it was bothering me a lot.

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BACKGROUND INFORMATION:my boyfriend who has problem with his wife and the wife is a friend of mine. I was thinking she will come to have a fight with me and to tell my parents and letting all my friends and family to know about this. So I told my boyfriend that I am not meeting you any more not to create any kind of situation like that and told him to fix his things before we get into any kind or relations

OFFICIAL DREAM ANALYSIS : Dreams are related to real life. So its likely that this dream is about this situation. The main part that comes across here is the section where

"he was calm and watching the tsunami coming not worried about it at all but it was bothering me a lot."

How could this relate to real life. It could be making a point about how you your behavior. It might be saying that YOU maybe thinking that this is an over reaction. Or that other people might think that you are over reacting.

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