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Dream interpretation about lions and wild animals

THE DREAM I was with 2 other people, I can't remember who they were but possibly my partner and my daughter. We're walking across some sort of prairie, filled with wild animals, I only really remember the lions but am aware of other animals. I don't feel fear at first and then suddenly the most intense fear overcomes me, I'm on the ground and a lion has me pinned down. I'm not afraid of being mauled or bitten, I'm afraid of being suffocated and I'm aware that I can't move at all due to the weight of the lion on top of me.

THE REALITY The dreamer was about to move in with her partner. Her daughter had already left home but was incandescent with rage towards her mothers partner. The dreamer felt that this is not caused by her partner but results from her own mixed up emotions which is expressed as rage most of the time. The previous weekend there was a major falling out which sparked the extra intensity of emotion. The dreamer was trying to reach out to her daughter yet she was rejecting her.

DREAM INTERPRETATION If relationships are dominating your thoughts then they will dominate your dreams. Try to decode dreams on the assumption that they relate to real life problems.

In this case the lion was a very relevant metaphor in her real life. The dreamers daughter had shown incandescent rage the previous weekend. Many strong emotions were bubbling up beneath the surface and were exploding as rage towards the dreamer.

Notice how the dreamer reacts to the lion. She does not feel she will be mauled. Yet she does feel pinned down. This is absurd if read literally. Its clearly a symbol for the dreamers complex feelings about this situation. She does feel pinned down - unable to act in the way she wants. Yet she does not feel total fear of death - showing that she feels her daughter is not seriously going to target her mother.

Dream Dictionary Meanings
LIONS : "The dreamers daughter and her rage" (she behaved like a lion)
NOT AFRAID OF BEING MAULED: "The dreamer does not seriously fear her daughters rage. She wants to help but feels rejected"
PINNED DOWN : The dreamer feels pinned down - unable to act. This captures the feeling "My daughter was so angry I felt pinned down"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I am wanting to move in with my partner yet I fear my daughters response. My daughter has so many issues and rage inside her right now. They had a huge argument last weekend. I want to help my daughter yet feel she is rejecting me. She very angry yet I did not feel threatened by her."

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