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Dream symbols - my husband has girlfriend who has cyst or tumor

THE DREAM I dreamt that my husband introduced me to his girlfriend. He doesn't have a girlfriend. Anyway her name was Celestine. And she had a scarf wrapped and wrapped around her neck. We were talking about something and then my husband said something about the time and the woman pulled the scarf away from her neck. She had a really skinny neck. I mean really skinny. Like I don't know how it was holding up her head skinny. And there was a big tumor or cyst on the left side of it. My husband took some tweezers and pulled something out of the tumor. It looked kind of like a worm or some tendons. I don't know. It was gross. She winced like she was in pain and I started yelling at him to stop it. He told me he knew what he was doing and to mind my own business. I asked him when he got his medical degree and that this poor woman needed a doctor. I put my arm around Celestine's waist and told her I would take care of her. And my husband got mad. I gave him a dirty look and we walked away. Then I woke up.

The dreamer and her husband had had lots of trouble and have split up a few times. Recently she thought she would split up again. The night before the dream her husband asked her if she wanted to go out on Friday night. He also said that he loved her. She was shocked. The whole relationship is dysfunctional and I do not know if things can be worked out.

Dreams do tend to focus in on the night before. In this case something important did have happen to the dreamer as her husband made a real effort to show he cared and asked her out on the Friday night. This made the dreamer think so its a good chance that the dream is about this. After all it features her husband. Its just a matter of seeing how the symbolism works.

The girlfriend in the dream could actually represent the dreamer herself. After all the night before she was treated just in the same way that a guy treats a girlfriend as he told her he loved her and asked her out on a date.

The dream features cancer. That's a relevant symbol here. Cancer symbolises a fundamental flaw in some part of your life. In the dreamers case she had been thinking that her marriage was fundamentally flawed. There was something deeply wrong with it.

The dream also features this doctor. The doctor could be symbolic of her assessments about the "health" of her marriage. She had been thinking that it was a deeply unhealthy relationship.

Overall the dream could easily capture these thoughts - "My husband asked me out on Friday night and told me he loved me. But I am not sure if its worth really trying again. Its a deeply dysfunctional relationship. Is it really healthy to keep trying."

Symbolic Meanings
CANCER : "there is a fundamental problem with her marriage"
DOCTOR : "I think my marriage is very beyond repair. Its really not in a healthy state"
GIRLFRIEND : "her husband asked me out on a date on Friday and said he loves me - its like he is treating me like a girlfriend"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I have been having problems with my marriage for years. Yesterday he asked me out on a date. It seems like a new start and he said that he loved me. But I am not sure if this is healthy. The marriage is so troubled is it worth trying to save it"

Notice how the symbolic meanings capture a dilemma facing the dreamer in real life

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