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Dream - dog,cop and robber and sister

THE DREAM So I was getting ready to go out with my boyfriend in my dream, and I had two dogs. Both were big, and one was black and the other one was white. Right before I left the house as I was saying bye to my dogs, I remembered that I forgot something. As I was about to walk down the stairs, my white dog stood in front of me and looked me in my eyes, while my black dog ran out the door. Then I got a vision of some girl beating me. So I followed my instinct and walked out, after I walked my white dog out as well. My boyfriend and I went to the event and came back and as I walked in my house I saw a cop there just one, and my house was a mess. Pretty much he said I had gotten robbed, she took every thing of value including half my months rent which I distinctly remember the number 500 stood out. Then the cop gave me a description of the robber and it was my sister. And to top it off my black dog ran away and my white dog was wounded. I started crying and crying and then I woke up.

THE REALITY A couple of days before the dreamer got her computer back and her sister erased years years of her writing. This was one of the latest ways she hurt her. She is filled with hate for the world and likes to blame everyone else for her problems except herself.

THE INTERPRETATION Dreams use metaphors to real life situations in our life. In this case its a very clear symbol as the dreamer feels robbed by her sister who has erased seven years of her writing.

Its difficult to see what precisely the dogs link to. That's a difficult symbol here. Perhaps the dogs are symbols of the dreamers attitude towards her sister. Dogs often link to close family members and friends. Dogs are pack animals which sort of links to close family links and friendships.

Symbolic Meanings
BLACK DOG : "dogs symbolise trust but this dog deserts the pack leader and goes off - it symbolises the dreamers sister who is not a loyal and trusted member of the family"
DOGS : "close family and people who are supposed to be loyal and trusting to you "
HOUSE IN MESS : "the dreamer has had her computer messed up"
POLICE : "the dreamer has to restore order to the situation."
INSTINCT : "The dreamer is following her instincts in judging her sister"
ROBBED : "the dreamer has been robbed of seven years writing by her sister"
SISTER : "the dreamers own sister - the dream is about her relationship to her sister"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following emotions within the dreamer - "I cannot believe what my sister has recently done. Its eating away at my mind as she has erased seven years of my writing. I feel so robbed!"

See how the different symbolic meanings join together to form the complex dreams meanings. They symbolize key insights about the dreamers sister.

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