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Shark is in slow motion - dream analysis

An encounter with a shark in slow motion was a metaphor for some problems which were being sorted out via email. The slow motion depicted the feeling "This is taking a long time to get sorted out"

THE DREAM I am swimming underwater. I spot a shark moving towards me. I get ready to kick it. Yet it suddenly stops dead. Its in slow motion or even stop motion. Its just sitting.

THE REALITY The dreamer had had problems with a woman. He had sorted things out via email. He did not want to approach her in person immediately. He was wanting to wait.

THE INTERPRETATION The dreamer had been thinking how to approach a problem. If one thought is on your mind then its likely that any dreams will be about that. How could this dream portray that thought?

The dreamer had been thinking over a relationship he had been trying to improve with a woman. He had resolved matters via email. Yet he felt it better to wait a little while before approaching her in person. The chance that problems may recur were high. A delay may make matters worse or just delay the awkwardness of that first face to face meeting.

The shark was not going away. So maybe the dream shows that any confrontation is not going to be avoided it is just going to be put off.

Dream Dictionary Meanings
SHARK:"I worry that the relationship may get into problems again"
SHARK SLOW MOTION:"I am avoiding meeting her. Maybe that's just delaying things. "

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I want to leave it for a few weeks. I am hoping things may settle down. But on the other hand it maybe better to go straight in."

See how specific thoughts processes are portrayed within the dream symbols.

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