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snake dream

DREAM - snake dream of large snake,biting an object then finding its very large shed skin.

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BACKGROUND INFORMATION:losing and being betrayed by my best friend. The week before an actual rat snake came in my house,no harm .

OFFICIAL DREAM ANALYSIS : Many people have long stated that dreams represent your emotions and feelings. If you study dreams linked to big events and feelings from the day before then you can start to learn how the process actually works.

If dreams do represent your thoughts then your dream means "I was betrayed my my best friend now I have lost him/her"

Snakes represent all kinds of bad emotions such as betrayal and deceit. They symbolise bad atmospheres. A snake sneaks up on you and bites you. So its easy to see how they represent a person who has betrayed you.

The snake sheds its skin. Snakes shedding skins are often linked to rebirth... new situations .... the next stage of life. So it probably represents the loss of your best friend ....

So together the dream captures your main two emotions and feelings about this situation.

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