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Relationship dreams - Wanting a puppy dog

THE DREAM - I was in my bedroom, my parents went in and they were smiling and happy about the gift they are giving to me. dad was holding the leash of a big black dog. the dog was the gift. The dog loved me right away and I tried to love him but I couldn't. He was scary. He had black teeth. I couldn't see his eyes in the dream. once I was sleeping in bed, he came and jumped on the bed, and slept on the pillow behind my head. I was scared he would wake up and forget that it is me he's sleeping next to, and he would bite me in the face. I could see his black teeth clearly. so I carefully and silently without making fast moves that could wake the dog tried to get up. then I told my parents (was addressing mom) "I don't want the dog. he's scary. I know he loves me but I cant love him because of my fear. get me a puppy. at least I could trust that the puppy wouldn't hurt me even when he grows to become big because he would have spent all his life with me."My parents were OK but I didn't know if they took the dog away. I cant remember if I woke up and slept again or the dream simply ended.

THE REALITY The dreamer loves her father but at the time of the dream had a poor relationship with him. He causes arguments and her nerves were too tired to cope with the fights. She wanted the relationship to be more relaxed.

THE INTERPRETATION Dreams will often link to real life issues. This dream featured the dreamers father and if her relationship is strained with her then it could cause a dream. In this case it was so its worth checking if the dream could portray her feelings about her father.

The dreamer was fighting with her father. The scary dog is quite obviously a symbol whic could represent these fights. It seems especially relevant as the dog seemingly cares for her and loves her yet she is still scared by it.The puppy seems to represent the relationship the dreamer would like to have with her father. A puppy is more playful and fun. Its more relaxed.

Dream Dictionary Meanings
PUPPY : The dreamer wanted her relationship with her father to be more fun and relaxed
SCARY DOG :The dreamers relationship with her father. He had a tendency to shout and be angry.

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "My father causes lots of arguments. I wish I could be more relaxed with him. I know he loves me but we are not even talking at the moment"

See how the Symbolic meanings capture dreamers feelings about her father

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