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Sitting in an igloo dream

DREAM - Igloo dream I was sat in an igloo with my ex girlfriend. We were kissing. There were four door ways lit up.

BACKGROUND INFORMATION The dreamer had been talking with his ex girlfriend on the phone for the previous two evenings.

OFFICIAL DREAM ANALYSIS : Dreams say something about what you are thinking. In real life the dreamers relationship with his ex girlfriend seemed very fluid. Things could change at any time. There are symbols which seem very consistent with ex-girlfriends as the dream takes place in an Igloo. This is probably a metaphor for how things were shortly before they started talking again, he was "out in the cold", getting a "frosty reception".

It is likely that the dream links to a feeling like "how are things between me and my ex-girlfriend?" The kissing is a symbol for the possibilities of them getting back together again.

The four doorways are a symbol of the multiple possibilities which are possible at present.

This dream links together several themes such as "out in the cold", "romantic feelings" and "multiple possibilities". See how the dream could link to a thought process like "I was totally out in the cold. But now we are talking together. I sense that we could get together again. But the situation is still fluid and it could go anyway."

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