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Chased by wolves dream

THE DREAM - Because she is leaving she all of a sudden said she had to have surgery. (too embarrassed to come to work her last days and explain why she is being kicked out). She said she had gall stones. Okay so new director guy asks ME to order her flowers. I send an email to collect money; when her henchmen tell her I'm the one collecting money she comes to work the next day! If you need your gall bladder out it comes out. Period. She said there was an issue with her blood. Okay a week goes by and new director says she needs to get out of her office and go to a cube for her final days. She out of the blue has to go out for surgery again. (high level manager must give 30 days not 2 weeks notice). He again tells ME to order her flowers. I ask for donations per his directive again. Ugh I hate that woman but I had to put when she finds out that it's me ordering the flowers she tells one of her former pet employees that she doesn't want any flowers and not to order them. I was like I collected money twice and I've already charged the order. The next day new director calls her (as a formality) to see how she was and if she got the flowers. she said NO! He fires me a blazing email saying he was disappointed that he ruined the element of surprise by asking her about a gift that she hadn't got AND that I couldn't handle ordering flowers. I am not a secretary. I showed him my bank statement (got it offline) to prove I was not being malicious and I ordered them and the order went through. I then gave him in cash the amount I collected and said he could have someone else order her a fruit basket with the donated money. At this point I would see if the florist would reimburse my $$$ or just eat the lose. I call the florist and ask what happened. They said the flowers were delivered to the address I gave the day before. I asked for the name listed as the person who signed: it was her name. the way she signs every document her first initial and her last name. WHY DID SHE LIE AND TELL DIRECTOR GUY SHE DIDN'T GET IT... I went to him with the invoice and the name listed as the person who signed (which I had the florist fax me) I told director guy this is what the florist said SHE signed for the flowers. I gave him the number of the florist and the point of contact I spoke to..I told him I feel uncomfortable and do not want to be involved with this ordeal any more. THAT NIGHT I dreamed a pack of wolves with glowing yellow eyes were after me. I jumped on a very high abandoned pick up truck to safety but as soon as I got on the truck I saw the same wolves chasing and nipping at my 3 year old son. He was running and screaming for his life. I didn't try to save him in the dream but some man threw himself in front of a wolf just as it was going to eat my son. My son was safe. but before I woke up I looked at the pack of wolves and the one in fronts eyes glowed at me and smoke came out of it's mouth. Wha the hell!!! I don't want this lady to do some voodoo (we are both black women) and she hurt my son. Please help - what do you think of this? (I may need to mention that under the leadership of the new director I have gotten a promotion and I have need to know status on things that she is no longer able to know about) we work for a very very prominent federal agency that is in the news almost daily so getting first had news is a pretty big deal at our office - for her to not have a clue about things that come down from capital hill and now I do I know is killing her)

If one issue has been bothering the dreamer then it can surely cause a dream. In this case the dreamer had been having difficulties with someone at work. The woman had been turning her boss against her for months. The dreamer had decided to just stay silent in the hope that people would eventually see through the woman's manipulative ways. Just recently this woman had fallen out of favour and was now leaving.

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The dream has the following associations and symbolic meanings.
1. Obviously being chased by a pack of wolves could symbolise the ongoing hatred that this work colleague has for her. A relentless dislike.
2. In the dream the issue of the woman at work is directly mentioned. Its fair to assume that this is a literal symbol. That the dream deals with this issue at work. The storyline in the dream probably captures some key thought or feeling.
3. In the dream the dreamer does nothing to help her son. This must have a symbolic meaning. Perhaps it represents the dreamer perception that she is right. That she has been vindicated. She does not help her son because she knows he is not in danger. Whatever the woman has done she cannot cause any damage any more. Whatever she says and does is just going to be ignored. So in the dream her son is safe because he is not in danger. The wolves maybe a symbol for this manipulative woman but she represents no danger so her son is safe.

DREAM ANALYSIS It is fair to assume that the dream is about the dreamers relationship with this manipulative woman. The dream seems

to deal with the following themes:
- A feeling of being under attack
- A feeling that a seemingly dangerous threat is not dangerous at all.
- Voodoo: A worry that hated workmate may manipulate things

If we weave together these symbols we find that they build up the following thought process - "That woman has had it in for me but now she has been found out. Now I feel I have been vindicated. Whatever she does now will be ignored."

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