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Young women on bus dream

If you are starting to feel your age then young people in your dream could link to that ageing process. The young people could link to some thought process which features age such as "I hate young people nowadays" or "My friend is making me feel young." In this case its seems that the latter of these two fits very nicely into reality so that symbolic meaning seems most likely.

THE DREAM - I was on a bus full of women. They seemed to be young and they were making a fuss over me. They were getting excited and seemed to be giving me a make over.

1. The dreamer had started to think more about his appearance especially the day before.
2. The dreamer had a younger female friend. She had been influencing him to improve himself.
3. Buses can symbolise our life journeys. They can reflect how we are developing as people and personalities. They can especially relate to other people and how they affect us and influence us.
4. The dreamer associated the young women with a young woman who was befriending him. So it could easily be about his relationship with her.

The dreamer was starting to take more pride in himself as a person. He was improving his appearance because of the influence of a younger female.

DREAM ANALYSIS The dreamer felt that the young women in the dream represented a young woman in real life who was befriending him. He was glad of her influence. The make over probably represented recent attempts he had made to improve his appearance. She had been a very good influence on him.

Together the dream deals with the following themes.
- Improving your appearance
- Young women or youth
If you weave together the two themes and make the meaning relevant to the guesswork then it could have the following meaning: "Now I have a younger female friend I feel a new pride in myself. She is encouraging me to smarten myself up."

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