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Looking Back dream

This dreamer had just found out that her fiance had wished he was marrying his ex. Now read the dream and see how this dream could relate to that.

DREAM - Looking Back I was sitting in the back seat behind the passenger's seat in a car. My ex's father was driving; my ex was in the passenger's seat. We were riding very slowly towards a bend in the road, then would be driving onto an old-time bridge. The father said something and laughed to himself- I didn't catch it, but upon waking and remembering this sight I felt he was laughing over something that is very deeply controversial in my life and precious in my heart. While he talks to his son I am watching the stormy sky. Above the horizon behind the city it is white, but just above the rooftops are black clouds, wispy, curling, moving, threatening. There is a cloud jutting down slowly and weakly in a form that makes me think tornadoes are near. I turn around and one is behind us, chasing us from several miles away. I scream for his father to stop driving- not to get us out of there, but for him to stop. I can feel that my ex wants to look back, wants to console me, but he never does. I momentarily wonder what it's like to be lifted by a tornado- is it like riding a roller coaster? Do you feel better about it afterwards?

Then the dream shifts. I am smiling at myself in a red dress and red stilettos. I walk along a concrete path. Behind me are my ex, my ex's father, an unknown being, and my ex's girlfriend (whom he got with not even two hours after blocking me off completely, without explanation and without any reason except that in my waking life I had just got a job and was in the middle of applying to my local college, and would not drop all that for him). The girlfriend as I found out today became his new fiancee the day after I saw on Twitter that he actually wishes it was me instead of her.

As I reach the end of the path I approach the stairs of a deck. I go to the top and look back at them. All of them are gone, except the unknown figure, who smiles and fades into the darkness with the rest of the scene.

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GUESSWORK :The dreamer had just found out that her ex boyfriend (who had since got engaged) had written something on Twitter - saying that he actually wished it was his ex rather than his fiance. Her ex also used to tell her of his dreams of a woman in red. (in the guesswork stage of analyzing a dream you pick out an issue which has been on your mind - most dreams will link to new thoughts about relationships and issues that you have just been thinking about)

SYMBOLIC MEANINGS AND ASSOCIATIONS The dream featured the following associations and symbolic meanings.
1. EX's FATHER IN DRIVING SEAT: The dreamers exs father is in the driving seat and this is probably a big hint to the dream meaning. It hints at him making decisions - and putting pressure on his son to finish the relationship with the dreamer.
2. TORNADO: The tornado probably represents the break up - when things get messy.
3. EX WANTS TO CONSOLE: In the dream the dreamer feels that her ex wanted to console her but didn't. Perhaps this is the core part of the dream and means exactly what it says. That the dreamer felt that her ex had regrets and still had feelings for the dreamer. Yet for some reason he does not console her. This excellently captures the dreamers feelings - that there was some unfinished business there in the relationship. It had broken up despite them having feelings for each other.

DREAM ANALYSIS The dream features the following themes
- feeling that her ex had regrets about the breakup
- feeling that other people had influenced the dreamers ex in the break up

If you weave together the dreams symbols then you find that it captures these exact feelings - "I have just found out that my ex seems to have regrets about getting married to someone else. I feel as if he was being influenced to end the relationship and people were against me."

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