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Dream - sex with doctor

THE DREAM - I was at the doctors. A guy I used to know (he was quite intelligent and odd) was there as well and he seemed to be getting along very well in the doctors room and they were having sex. I felt this was near where I live in the direction of Cross Lane (where there is a mental hospital)

THE REALITY The dreamer was suffering from terrible mental health problems. He had difficulty telling his doctor the extent of the problems. He felt he really needed to be admitted to a mental hospital. He felt he was very similar to the old friend, in the dream, who was intelligent but odd.

THE INTERPRETATION Dreams link to recent thoughts. In this case the dreamer was worried that he might end up in a mental hospital if he carried on the way he was going. How could this dream link to that? Doesn't it seem as bit bizarre that the man in the dream was having sex with the doctor?

The odd looking intelligent man could be a symbol for the dreamer. The dreamer felt himself quite intelligent but rather odd and difficult to get along with.

Why would this odd but intelligent man be having sex with the doctor? If you have sex then you getting along very well so the dreamer may have wanted to get along well with his doctor so he could get the best treatment available. Sex also is symbolic of intimacy which is relevant here. The dreamer felt he needed to tell his doctor every intimate secret of his illness, just like lovers tell each other everything.

The part of the dream where the dreamer is heading towards mental hospital is a very clear and obvious metaphor. People say that they heading towards the mental hospital when they feel their mental health is deteriorating. There are several versions of this such as "If I carry on working here I will end up in the mad house" or "Living with my wife is like living in the loony bin."

DREAM MEANING The dream seems to features two strong themes "intimacy" and "heading towards the mental hospital"and if you add these two together it could be seen that the dream captures this feeling within the dreamer - "My mental health seems to be deteriorating. If I want to get help I will have to get a much closer relationship with my doctor and tell him all the intimate details of my illness."

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