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Flirting with other men - dream dictionary

THE DREAM - I have had three dreams recently. They have occurred during I time when I have had relationship problems. The first dream was very brief. A girl I work with - no outside friendship or anything like that - was house sitting and watching my dog. It makes a little bit of sense because she works at an animal shelter, and all we really have in common is talking about our pets. When I came home, I found that my dog had run away. I was so devastated and woke up in a panic.

Second dream - I was in a house I'd never seen before, but in the dream it was where I lived. I did not live with my husband, because I was being intimate with another man, and I was fully aware of the fact that I was married and doing something wrong. There was loud knocking outside and I knew it was my husband. There was another man in the room other than the one I was being intimate with, and I told them both to hide. My husband broke down a door, but was completely calm and normal when he came in. I told him I didn't want to hang out now, but I'd come over later. This is sooo not how our relationship is... he has a very strong personality, and would never take that crap from me. And I'm always wanting to be around him.

The dream shifted a little and I was away for the weekend with these other men, and a few others that I recognized as my guy friends from high school & college. The same man from the earlier part of the dream was there, and we were kind of together, or we liked each other and would hook up. And I just kept thinking that I was so disappointed in myself that I was cheating, and that everyone must think I'm such a slut.My husband came to visit unexpectedly, and he was completely calm and normal with the fact that I was away with about 6 or 7 men, and no women. I sat with my husband and we all watched TV...? This dream is so odd because I don't have any desire to even talk to other men. Third dream - My husband and I were driving over a bridge. We were in a pick up truck (which we do not have) and our dog was in the bed of the truck with a big box. When we started to drive over the bridge, our dog jumped into the box. For whatever reason we were both really proud of him, as if that's what he was supposed to do when we went over bridges..? When we got near the end of the bridge, he jumped out of the box, but it made him sort of bounce, and he flipped out of the truck and over the side of the bridge in to the water. I was screaming and crying and telling my husband he had to jump in to get him. He kept just saying I know I know, but just kept driving. Somehow I could see around the side of the bridge and saw our dog swimming, very out of breath. And I woke up, completely in a sweaty panic.

GUESSWORK The previous weekend the dreamer and her husband had got in a fight while out with some of her friends. At one point her husband was having what looked to be a flirtatious conversation with her friend. This made her very uncomfortable. They were trying to set her up with someone but it still upset the dreamer. The dreamers husband thinks that she is insecure as she worries a lot about marriages failing and people cheating. In the last few years she had seen handfuls of friends go through divorces and cheating spouses. They did not speak to each other for about a day and half after this.

1. Dogs can symbolise people. They are symbolic of loyalty and closeness. A dog could signify a close relationship. A wish for loyalty.
2. In the second dream the dreamer is behaving in a way which is very unlike her. She would never look at another man. When the dreamer is acting like this it maybe a symbol of contrast. In other words its like the dreamer is saying that she never behaves like this.
3. In the third dream her husband is saying things that he often does say "I know I know". This may relate to some precise moment when he behaved like this. For the dreamer this typifies how he acts.

DREAM ANALYSIS In guesswork the dream was linked to the dreamers relationship with her husband. Its easy to see how the dream deals with the following themes:
- The dreamer never flirts with other men
- The dreamer is having problems with loyalty with her husband.
- The dreamer is picking up on how her husband is behaving. For her the phrase "I know I know" is typical of his reaction.

If you weave together the different themes then you find that the dream could easily capture this following thought that the dreamer felt -"I really think my husband could have acted better. He flirted with this woman. I expect better from him. I have never behaved like that! I talked to him about it and he thinks I am insecure. He just keeps on saying 'I know I know'"

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