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Finger print dream

Police often appear in dreams if you feel that you have done something wrong. Thats not necessarily in some criminal sense. This dreamer was scared that a woman he was attracted to would realise this attraction. He was trying to hide these sexual feelings as he knew they were not appropriate. He was worried he might be 'found out'

THE DREAM I am in my sisters bedroom at my parents home. There are police there investigating her murder. I was picking up some of her underwear. I realised that my finger prints were all over this.

THE REALITY The dreamer was attracted to a woman. He knew that she was in a relationship but was still very strongly attracted to her. He was trying to show this woman how he liked her as a person. Yet he still had very strong sexual feelings for her.
THE INTERPRETATION Dreams will often link to recent feelings. The dreamer had been thinking a lot about a woman he was very strongly attracted to.

Sisters can often represent women with whom men will never have a sexual relationship with. This dreamer was trying to make out how he was very fond of a woman for her personal qualities. Yet deep down he was aware of his overwhelmingly strong attraction.

The dreamer associated the women's underwear with his sexual fantasies. They were the same type that turned him on.

Symbolic Meanings
UNDERWEAR : The thought of women's underwear made the dreamer think of his sexual fantasies about a woman he was attracted to
FINGER PRINT : Getting found out. The dreamer realised that his sexual fantasies might be found out some time.
SISTER : A woman with whom a sexual relationship is impossible - in this case a woman the dreamer was attracted to who was already in a relationship

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I really do like her for her personal qualities as she is very intelligent and kind. Yet I do have a very strong sexual feeling and those sexual fantasies are very strong".

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