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Snakes dream

DREAM - snakes , William, ladies I was in a park 2 ladies were sat on a bench chatting there was a large snake on the ground I told them it was there but they couldn't hear me, them 2 more snakes appeared on the bench next to them and they still couldn't hear me warning them, I was also thinking about William a lot but I don't know a William??

This dream was posted on on the September 20, 2012, 11:04 by lynny. It was viewed 6 times

BACKGROUND INFORMATION:I'm helping my husband set up his own business I am very excited for him but a little nervous as we are struggling with bills etc. and its a big change.

OFFICIAL DREAM ANALYSIS : Well if the dream is about this subject then here's how the symbols could fit

1. SNAKES represent problems and traps in your life. Here it represents money problems while the business is starting up

2. WILLIAM. This could be a bad wordplay (based on William sounding like will or willing) - dreams are like that. William representing your wish to support your husband... WILLing him on.

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