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Castle dream

THE DREAM I had a dream last night I was in and around a castle. Most of the castle was as you would expect to see a medieval castle, cold grey walls and keeps and fairly unremarkable. The weird thing is though one of the corner towers was the complete opposite, very ornately constructed and pure white and had a very airy homely feel to it. I remember in the dream I was following someone as if I was asking for directions but they couldn't hear me.

BACKGROUND INFORMATION I have been having a lot of very vivid dreams lately as I Have been under a lot of stress and having problems with my partner's family. They are quite controlling and domineering at times.

Posted at August 4, 2011, 07:04 by confused (Viewed times)

Unclesirbobby (POSTED August 4, 2011, 15: 4: 40) Well in my country they say that 'an Englishmans home is his castle.' So the castle seems to represent just that - home and family.

Your dream probably describes how you relate to family right now. Your partners family are probably symbolised by the cold and unwelcoming sections. Yet there is one homely corner and that is your refuge right now.

Iceberg rose (POSTED August 6, 2011, 21: 6: 52) I just loved this dream and the response - "An Englishmans home is his castle!" This one is on the money and I can feel that lovely homey part of the castle - sure beats the bleak and grey bit. I felt a lot of hope in this dream so I just want to share that - make your own home your own castle to your and your husband/partners taste and enjoy it. It's your turn now.

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