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Cat killed a bird - dream interpretation

THE DREAM I think I was standing in the kitchen talking to my mom when a bug started flying around I was trying to swat it with a towel all of a sudden it turned into a bird. I grabbed it walked out side and let it go. It flew away for a second and then came back and landed on my finger. I held it up really high and it flew off. I stood there thinking it would come back but it never did. I went inside and a short time later I walked by the door and saw some cats outside. One of them was creeping around just a regular old gray and black striped cat. But another came from around the fence. This cat was a very strange cat the colors where deep rust red and white spots and very fluffy. The head was solid black. But this cat had a bird in its mouth so I got as close to it as I could to see if it was the bird I had let go early but it was a different color. Though I was sad the cat had killed the bird I was so relieved that it wasn't the bird I had found.

THE REALITY The dreamers girlfriend had just come back from the military and seemed a little aloof. The dreamer wondered if this was related to him or to something else.

THE INTERPRETATION The dreamer was certainly upset by his girlfriend being a little uninterested. But sometimes its difficult to know what the cause is. Birds often symbolise visions and omens. They symbolise your view about how the future will turn out.

The number two often symbolises some kind of question where there are two alternative answers. So the two birds symbolise the dreamer wondering if his girlfriends lack on interest was connected to his own actions or were related to something else.

Often birds are symbols of omens and signs about how things will turn out. So the is trying to read what this sign means. He has seen something in his girlfriends behavior that unsettles him. Its viewed as a sign. But he is not sure how to read it. That is why there are two birds because there are two alternative ways of reading it. He hopes and is relieved that the bird is
not the one he had found.

Kitchens are symbols of our plans. Clearly with his girlfriend being back from the army he was keen to make plans. So his future plans and recipes to make life interesting are clearly linked to reality.

Also the dream features the dreamers mother. Often people appear in dreams as symbols. A mothers appearance symbolises worries and concerns within the dreamer and a need for reassurance.

Symbolic Meanings
BIRD : "a sign of how things will turn out"
CAT : "independence - doing exactly as you please"
MOUTH : "things said"
WHITE : "clearness, clarity and understanding"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "My ex girlfriend has just come back from the military. I am unsure of her feelings. She says she is going to meet with a guy. I kind of hoped we would get back together"

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