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Wedding on edge of cliff dream

DREAM - crazy lady I dreamt that my husbands ex girlfriend was getting married to someone wearing a denim wedding dress. I drove to her house which was balanced on a huge steep mountain. Her wedding was on the edge of a cliff. Afterwards I went to a hot tub and swimming pool.

BACKGROUND INFORMATION The dreamers husbands ex was making the dreamers life hell. She was a complete sociopath.

DREAM ANALYSIS: From the background information given the dream seems linked to some thoughts about the dreamers husbands crazy ex-girlfriend. The dreamer had described her as a sociopath so its likely any feelings that this dream represents are negative.

A dreams meaning can be translated into a quote which captures a particular thought about the dreamer. The dream features the dreamer being married so what can we make of this? It could portray a thought like "I would love to see her married then she would stop hassling my husband" or "what would she like married?"

It seems more likely that the dream portrays the thought "I would love to see her married then she would stop hassling my husband." That works well because the dream ends with her in a hot tub. That could portray the thought "I could rest easy if she got married to someone else."

Certainly the wedding in the dream has some clear symbols. The denim dress perhaps portrays a thought like "If she got married it would be a cheap and nasty affair." The wedding itself takes place on a cliff. It is difficult to translate this exactly as its very symbolic. What associations can we make with this? The wedding is "on the edge". It takes place in a risky and impossible place. It is clear that whatever this means its probably negative. This might translate into phrases like "a risky wedding" or "an impossible marriage" hinting at her inability to commit properly.

To conclude it is not easy to say exactly what this dream means. But we do know that it is clearly linked to some negative thoughts about her husbands crazy ex girlfriend. It is an interesting dream to study because it clearly links to the dreamers negative thoughts about her husbands ex. It is clealry the type of dream that someone in the dreamers position might have.

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