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Dream symbols - workshop

THE DREAM I was with a woman. I seemed to have a close relationship with her. I was in this workshop. I seemed to be gaining a lot from being in this workshop. I was looking at something. I was talking to the woman about something which was computer programming. I was asking if these were the parameters that should be typed in (a computer programming term).

GUESSWORK The dreamer had a very positive relationship with a woman who worked in a library. He had used the library as a place to concentrate and do work. Recently there had been many problems. He still recognised that the place was useful to him. It had helped him complete his work targets.

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ASSOCIATIONS AND SYMBOLISM The following associations and symbolic meanings can be attached to this dream.
1. The dream features a woman who the dreamer seemed to have a close relationship with. The dreamer had been close to a woman who was helping him and encouraging him. So the dream could be about her.
2. The dream was about workshop. The dreamer was using a local library as a place to study. This was a workshop of sorts. Dreams use parallels like these. The dream was reinforcing the dreamers belief that this workshop had been very useful to him.

DREAM ANALYSISThis dream possibly links to the dreamers troubled relationship with a woman who worked in a library he used. This dream deals with the following themes.
- A workshop type place
- A close relationship which was helpful with work

If you weave together these various symbolic meanings and themes and link them to reality you find that this dream could easily represent the following key feeling - "I have been having problems with this librarian recently. But I do recognise how useful the place has been to me and how that close relationship has helped me."

Look for little connections to reality. This dream did not feature a library or the woman whom the dream seems to be about. But it did feature a workshop and a woman whom the dreamer seemed to have a close relationship with. The dream features similar things but did not match reality. Yet the main point was that the relationship was of value and that was something that needed to be remembered during a time period when the relationship was under stress.

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