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My boyfriend died - dream analysis

The previous night the dreamer had stated that she didn't care if her boyfriend might die. This dream takes her to a place where he actually does die. So therefore the dream was a relfection on this hasty comment.

THE DREAM - I dreamed my boyfriend died and it seamed so real. In my dream I was told by my mom that my boyfriend had died that morning, that they found him at home on his couch. I didn't cry at first. Then, I was sitting on a couch watching TV and one of my aunts came in and said "Hey hun,hows your day going, should I even ask" then that's when I started crying. I woke up terrified.

GUESSWORK The night before the dreamer was very angry with her boyfriend and told him multiple times that she wished he died and that she wouldn't care if he did. She then turned off her cellphone. When the dreamer woke up she phoned her boyfriend and apologized for what she had done.

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1. The dream features her boyfriend dying and in real life she said that she wished that he was dead. That's a pretty literal dream. In some way the dream applies to her emotions about this.

DREAM ANALYSIS In guesswork the dream was linked to the dreamers conversation with her boyfriend the night before. Its easy to see how the dream deals with the following themes:
- Her conversation with her boyfriend and her feelings about this.

If you weave together the different themes then you find that the dream could easily capture this following feeling - "I told my boyfriend that I wished he was dead. I know this was a mistake and I should immediately phone him up when I wake up."

The message of the dream is easy to understand. In real life she phoned up her boyfriend to say that she was sorry. So the dream showed that she regretted her actions and recognised her need to apologize.

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