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Wolf transforms into my boyfriend - dream interpretation

THE DREAM - I'm sitting on my bed, which was facing the wall rather than the door, and it a couple feet away from the window. My back is turned to the window which is completely open. No screen or anything. A wolf comes in my window. I live in the city. The wolf is black with bright green eyes. It comes to my bed and jumps up and sits next to me. I act like it's no big deal and say hi to it, ask it what it's doing here and, very carefully pet it's head. Then the wolf transforms into my boyfriend. I get a little freaked by that, I ask him what was going on and he says' You didn't know? I'm a wolf animagus' then I ask him why my dogs didn't bark at him(my dogs hate him). He says my dogs both got run over a month ago. I just smile and say "I just got a brilliant idea, transform and come with me". So we go out the window and come through the door, and I tell my parents "hey guys look I found a stray, we should keep him" they agree to keep him and then we go into my room, he turns into a human and we lay on the bed and end up having sex.

THE REALITY The dreamers boyfriend had recently been a little perverted sexually. Her parents hated him - seeing only his darker side.

THE INTERPRETATION If a dream includes your boyfriend then its highly probable that it is a relationship dream. Try to see what possible themes it is hinting at. In this dream a wolf transforms into her boyfriend. A wolf is animalistic, instinctive and can often link to your sexual desires. In real life the dreamers boyfriend had become a lot more perverted sexually. Also the dreamers parents did not like him and only saw his darker side. So really this dream is probably about how her parents view her boyfriend. She was trying to make him seem more acceptable. This was happening at a time when the dreamer was becoming more aware of his darker side.

Symbolic Meanings
WANT PARENTS TO KEEP STRAY :"The dreamer wants her parents to accept her boyfriend"
WOLF :"The dreamers boyfriend who was making quite perverted sexual demands"
WOLF CHANGES INTO BOYFRIEND:"Showing how the dreamers boyfriend has a darker more animal side "

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "Its difficult to get my parents to accept my boyfriend. All they see is his darker side. Its a side I am happy with even though he has been making some perverted sexual demands recently"

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