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Dream interpretation - elevator lunch meat sandwich and news camera

THE DREAM The dream started with this elevator that was supposed to open up and my niece was supposed to be in there and I was going to bend down and hug her. Instead the news camera showed up, the elevator turned into a refrigerator with lunch meat in it. We opened the fridge and me and my brother made sandwiches. I really really wanted a sandwich and I ate it. When I woke up, I was not the slightest bit hungry.

THE REALITY The dreamers brother does not have access to his little girl. Everyone misses the young niece. In the days before the dream the dreamer and her brother had gone to the mall and kind of hoped that she would bump into the sister in law and her beloved niece. These little chance meeting just help satisfy her .

DREAM INTERPRETATION The dream is not easy to solve but it does give the connection to the niece. In such cases its best to at least explore any issues surrounding people who appear in the dream. In this case the niece did provide a rich source of problems which were dogging her mind. The arguments over visiting rights and also missed her little niece a great deal.

The elevator is a sign that expectations rise and fall. So this seems to fit consistently with the reality.

News cameras are symbols of the very latest news. They deal with what's happening right this minute. They symbolise the anticipation of some real life event.

Food and eating in dreams are often linked with a lack of something in the dreamers life. That quite clearly could be the lack of visiting rights in this case. But there are hints in the types of food here. Luncheon meat is forced meat. It is made from bits of meat off the bone and is then forced together. This is quite a strong symbol in this case the forced meat being symbolic of how she wants to force her way into her nieces life against the will of her sister in law. It may also link to the court forcing access.

The sandwich too links quite nicely. Sandwiches are symbols of snacks. In this case a chance meeting with her niece is the kind of snack that would satisfy a temporary need and hunger.

In some ways this is a difficult dream overall. It has a lot of challenging symbols. They are arranged in a difficult way. Some may not be convinced by this dream interpretation. But overall the connections are there and the dream does deal with a classic nagging issue. This is always a problem with understanding dreams. There will be times when you are not convinced but this was the best possible explanation at the time.

Symbolic Meanings
HUNGRY : "the dreamer has a large appetite to see her niece"
LUNCH : "food for thought - your real life experiences and how they feed your mind"
NEWS : "waiting for a decision on something - news pending"
SANDWICH : "feel caught in the middle - something in between"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "We have been stopped from seeing my niece. Its really upset me and I have been trying to go to the town and bump into them

See how the symbolic meanings link with an insight into the dreamers own behavior

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