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Dragon eggs dreams

THE DREAM - I was working in some sort of factory (I think it was in the forest/woods) with a bunch of other people doing something with eggs. I think we were all destroying them. But they were all dragon eggs. Well I grabbed one of my eggs to destroy/get rid of when all of a sudden it started hatching, I quickly got very scared/paranoid that someone would see it, and I didn't want to kill it. So I decided that I was going to keep it, so I hid the egg in my clothes and ran for the woods/forest. As I was running I was so afraid that someone was going to catch me. Once I was out of sight, I grabbed the egg from my clothes and continued to watch it hatch. Then it's little head popped out of the top of the egg and sure enough it was a little baby dragon. I smiled then started running through the woods again, then I woke up.

THE REALITY The dreamer has never had an abortion or ever been pregnant or tried to get pregnant. She recently started a new job at Deja Vu (it's a strip club) as a WAITRESS not a dancer. She finds its so hard to work there and not get carried away with certain things. She is engaged to the man of her dreams and worries that working here is going to end the relationship somehow. Her boyfriend has no problem with her being there but she feels guilty just being in the building.

DREAM ANALYSIS Dreams are very much about the emotions in our life. Here the dream pinpoints some very recognizable emotions that she has recently been feeling. The sense of paranoia is quite strong in the dream. That captures the real life sense of paranoia that she works in a strip bar and feels guilty even being there.

The dream symbol also seems very consistent with the situation. The dragon represents hot sexuality. It could either represent the dreamers own sexuality or it could represent male comments. But that ability to breathe fire is very symbolic. The fact that she wants to hide this egg shows that she does feel a sense of paranoia about working in the strip club.

Maybe the dream also reveals her own complex feelings. In the later stages of the dream when no one is there she wants to keep the dragon. That maybe reveals her own secret thoughts on the issue.
She is secretly a little flattered that men think of her in a sexual way. Though she would definitely not want to admit this. The moment when she smiles and runs away maybe captures her exact reaction to when she gets compliments in the strip club. She smiles and quickly makes an exit.

Symbolic Meanings
DRAGON : "Hot sexuality - male compliments"
EGGS : "A new part of your life "
PARANOIA : "the dreamers real life sense of paranoia as she works in the strip club "

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "I hate the job that I have got. I work in a strip club but even though I am not a stripper men seem to think they can make sexual comments in exactly the same way they do to the strippers. Though to be quite honest I do secretly like the compliments. Though I would never say it or admit it. "

See how the Symbolic Meanings above weave together to form a key insight in the DREAM MEANING

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