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Mother lion dream

THE DREAM I was with my son (who seemed a bit younger than 5 years old in the dream - he is now 5). We were in an unknown house with other people(perhaps during holidays). There were other young people, who were not present, except for one who came with the bad news - that the lion had killed one guy. I was afraid that my son tried to go and see so I prevented him from walking away. I was so anxious trying to think of a way to get out of that house. The reason was that a man was going to shoot us dead, all of us, including my son. We would have to lie down on the floor and I would see him shoot my son!!! So, my plan was to bend my back while walking, as making an arch on my sons body and try to get out of the house and protect him from the lion which could come out from any room in the house by surprise. Then someone called us to show us the lion cubs inside a room, and also the lion mother was there. She was hiding from us but making sure we knew she was there protecting her cubs. I took my son away before he dared lift one of them. We then understood that the reason why the lion mother had killed that guy was that she was hungry. I woke up knowing that we had to escape or we would be killed.

THE REALITY The day before the dreamer had a very intimidating situation with her ex husband. He was the father of her son but she had left him because of his inability to control his temper. Twice she had been intimidated in front of her son.

THE INTERPRETATIONIf something very big happens the day before its always best to see how the dream could represent that event. This dream contains the self same sense of fear that the dreamer experienced the day before. Who could not doubt that there is an obvious connection. Its just a matter of seeing how the dream symbolism works.

The dream features a lion mother. At first glance it may seem that this would represent the dreamer. Yet it is much more likely it represents her husband. Lions are always dangerous and need to be watched. But when a lion feels its cubs are threatened it will act in a totally vicious and ruthless way. Perhaps this shows how the dreamer is trying to understand the source of her husbands anger. Why did he get angry. Perhaps this dream shows him showing his instincts. He was asserting his rights as a father.

But the dream does reveal how the dreamer was trying to cope with this. In real life she was trying to defuse the situation. She did not want to provoke his actions. In the dream she has a plan to protect her son. She bows her head and tries to walk away from danger. This probably mimics how she tried to cope with this situation - trying not to draw attention to herself and trying not to provoke trouble.

Symbolic Meanings
GUNMAN : "The dreamer feels personally targeted and feared her son would be drawn into the argument. "
MOTHER LION : "The urge lions have to protect their young is very strong. They are very dangerous in such situations. "
PROTECT : "The need to protect her son from the behavior of her ex husband"
SON AND LION CUBS : "Children are so innocent. They would pick up something cute like a lion cub without fully realising what may happen. This situation mirrors real life where the dreamer was worried her son would provoke a situation without knowing"
WATCH SON SHOT TO DEATH : "The dreamer did not want her son to witness this argument with her ex husband"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "My ex husband was extremely intimidating yesterday. He was directly targeting me right in front of our son. I really just had to get out of there. There was not much I could do. I just tried to defuse the situation and get away. "

See how the Symbolic Meanings above weave together to form a key insight in the DREAM MEANING

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