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Husband cheating dream

DREAM - Husband cheating then all I see All I see is our next door neighbor doing sexual acts in front of me. Then it ships to my son and I together and a snake comes out of nowhere and bites me and falls on my son. I always wake up panicked! And check all around for a snake. It always feels so real. I can feel the snakes fangs and it's slick skin.

This dream was posted on on the July 11, 2011, 11:01 by Ashley. It was viewed 298 times

BACKGROUND INFORMATION:I was thinking alot about lies I have caught my husband in.
COMMENT sexual acts to my husband
by Ashley
COMMENT Its easy ti see the connection here1. Next door Neighbour means that you dislike this so close to home... you cannot get away from it. How do you feel about your next door neighbour... do you feel ashamed of your husband... 2. Snakes often represent problems. In this case its a symbol for lack of faithfulness3. The snake falls on your son... that's you considering how bad it affects the children. In fact that's probably the biggest part o th dreams meaning...
by Unclesirbobby
COMMENT A snake usually stands for some huge transformation or radical change (like a snake shedding its skin). Usually dealing with sexuality. Or even slyness, sneakiness, and deceit.The snake biting you could be sign to watch your back when it comes to people who are close to you, like your husband. I don't know him and can't say for sure that he's cheating but he may be up to something. Remain vigilant!
by Ebony

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