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Missile from outer space dream

The missile in this dream was a symbol for her own religious doubts the previous night. It was as if a missile had struck her beliefs.

THE DREAM - I was watching between two cars (in a place, on earth that I have never been) as a missile came between the two cars and went into the earth - no explosion. I was then viewing the missile from outer space and watched it pass in front of me. It passed in front of me from down below (as if from earth) to above me.

THE REALITY The night before the dreamer was reading the book of Esther from the Bible. This included a section which made her really doubt her faith. This was a devastating realization and the dreamer did not get to sleep for several hours.

THE INTERPRETATION This dreamer was thinking of only one thing the night before. She had read a section in the bible which seemed to celebrate killing. This made her doubt her religion. If you think of only one thing before going to sleep then try to see how the dream could portray any key thoughts that you have about this incident or feeling.

In this case the missile could easily symbolize an attack on the dreamers religious beliefs. The dreamers own doubts had helped launch this attack due to what she had read before going to sleep.

The dream ends up in space. That represents the vastness of the mind. Outer space is symbolic of the new feelings that the dreamer was exploring. These were new and uncomfortable feelings.

Dream Dictionary Meanings
MISSILE: "The dreamers religious beliefs were under attack brought on by what she had read"
PLACE ON EARTH NEVER BEEN BEFORE: "The dreamer is exploring new uncomfortable feelings"
SPACE: "Space can represent the vastness of the human mind - here it represents unexplored territory as the dreamer explores new ideas"

DREAM MEANING The dream captures the following feeling within the dreamer - "What I read before going to bed was disturbing. It shook me."

See how the Symbolic meanings capture emotions that the dreamer felt before going to sleep

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