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Mick Jagger dream

A dream about a rock star took place the day after the dreamer had been thinking about a very flamboyant colleague.

THE DREAM I am doing an interview with Mick Jagger and John Hughes (a serious geologist). Mick Jagger says something and I compliment him on it. John Hughes says nothing.


The dreamer was a keen contributor on a gemology web forum. The previous evening he had read a post by James Roberts who was exposing a scam. The dreamer was inspired by this exposure of the truth. He was very similar to this James Roberts - not afraid of causing trouble. Another geologist (John Hughes) also posted on this topic. He only posted very late on - he said he was only waiting till he had gathered some information. This geologist often referred sarcastically to James Roberts as a rock star geologist. For the dreamer the whole topic was something that he could identify with. He had been trying to expose a scam himself (just like James Roberts). Many sceptics tried to deny this scam - saying that there was not enough evidence. The dreamer felt that if you waited for people like John Hughes to provide the evidence then the scam would never be exposed.

1. JOHN HUGHES: John Hughes was a serious geologist who had posted on a forum the night before. This is too much of a coincidence - if something happened the day before then its possible that the dream will be about whatever happened. This is the first time that the dream mind has been given the chance to think over this.
2. MICK JAGGER: The day before the dreamer had been reading a debate on a forum which had been answered by John Hughes (who had appeared in the dream). Another person to have engaged in this debate was James Roberts. This James Roberts had previously been described as a "Rock star geologist" by the same John Hughes who appeared in the dream. So therefore its possible that the dream was about these two people. So James Roberts would appear in the dream as the rock star Mick Jagger.
3. COMPLIMENT: In the dream the dreamer pays Mick Jagger a compliment. If the dream is about this conversation on the internet between James Roberts and John Hughes the day before then its possible that paying Mick Jagger a compliment represents the dreamer siding with James Roberts in real life.

DREAM ANALYSIS: The dream deals with the following themes
- Supporting someone's viewpoint
- Two geologists (James Roberts and John Hughes)

If you weave together the different symbolic meanings and relate them to real life then you find out that they represent the following feeling - "James Roberts made a controversial statement yesterday. I really like the way he exposed that scam. I am trying to expose a scam myself. If you waited for people like John Hughes to provide evidence then you will never expose anything. Everyone knows that these practices go on. Its impossible to prove them."

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